• Debugging HBAC and Sudo Rules in FreeIPA

    FreeIPA's rule based authorization scheme is as interesting as it is complicated. Today we explore removing the "allow_all" rule and fix `sudo` access in host groups.
  • High-Availability Rancher for the Home Lab

    After playing with Rancher some on a small VM I decided I wanted to up my game and try a larger cluster. Having recently picked up a chunky new server I finally have the space to do just that!

  • Struggles With Adding an oVirt Host

    I've recently added a new heavy-duty server to my home lab and wanted to expand my oVirt cluster to include it. As it turns out, that is nowhere near as easy as it sounds and comes with more than few annoying little gotchas.
  • Redeploying and Upgrading FreeIPA On CentOS-8

    My home network now relies on FreeIPA for all of its access control and it is finally time to move away from the original CentOS-7 deploy and onto CentOS-8.
    Redeploying and Upgrading FreeIPA On CentOS-8
  • RancherOS and Helm on VMWare Fusion

    Today we're going to play a little with a new (to me) Kubernetes distribution: RancherOS.

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