• Struggles With Adding an oVirt Host

    I've recently added a new heavy-duty server to my home lab and wanted to expand my oVirt cluster to include it. As it turns out, that is nowhere near as easy as it sounds and comes with more than few annoying little gotchas.
  • Redeploying and Upgrading FreeIPA On CentOS-8

    My home network now relies on FreeIPA for all of its access control and it is finally time to move away from the original CentOS-7 deploy and onto CentOS-8.
    Redeploying and Upgrading FreeIPA On CentOS-8
  • RancherOS and Helm on VMWare Fusion

    Today we're going to play a little with a new (to me) Kubernetes distribution: RancherOS.
  • Jekyll and Make: Optimizing Images

    We're finally going to cover image handling for our Jekyll site! Today will cover basics like web optimizing your travel photos as well as generating thumbnails for a gallery.
  • UniFi Controller, Ubuntu 18.04, and oVirt

    The latest project is getting Ubiquiti AP running on the network but that requires a dedicated controller VM. Unfortunately, getting all of that set up with Ubuntu 18.04 and oVirt isn't 100% straight forward.

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