• Jenkins Authentication With Keycloak

    Now that we’ve figured out how to get Jenkins to talk to FreeIPA directly we can explore other authentication schemes. We are going to start with Keycloak because it provides an OpenID API which we can consume in other applications to avoid some of the complexity of talking LDAP to FreeIPA.

    Jenkins Authentication With Keycloak
  • Using HAProxy to Pass the K8s API on CentOS8

    Just a quick update to our Rancher cluster configuration to pass the Kubernetes API through to the backend nodes.
  • AutoFS On Debian with FreeIPA

    A quick diversion into how to get FreeIPA automounts working in Debian Buster.
  • LDAPS in Jenkins on Kubernetes

    This is an update to a previous post where I set up Jenkins on Rancher but had difficulty getting SSL certificates loaded correctly to make LDAPS work. After a little more research I think I've figured out how to make it happen and have a route forward on the remaining issues it creates.
  • Getting A Butler On The Ranch

    Today we're going to look into what it takes to get Jenkins running on Rancher with Helm. As an added bonus we're going to have our instance authenticate users against a FreeIPA realm.

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