• Testing Ansible Roles with Kitchen and Inspec

    Infrastructure automation is great but how do you go about making sure your scripts actually do what you expect?
  • Getting dsd Working With gqrx On ArchLinux

    Or more accurately, how to use bash and netcat to do some unholy audio routing for PulseAudio.
  • RSS Feeds by Collection in Jekyll

    Yesterday I ran into an interesting limitation of the jekyll-feed gem while working on my StarbornHQ collaboration. As it turns out there is no support for creating a RSS feed of just a certain collection or group of collections. Since Starborn is a serial novel I want to post new scenes and lore pieces to the feed but not necessarily the larger structural elements like episodes and seasons.

    RSS Feeds by Collection in Jekyll
  • Managing Software Versions on Windows with Ansible

    Ansible is a great tool for managing software on Linux, but what if you work in a Windows environment? Today we're going to look at a little hack to help you manage different software versions on Windows with Ansible.
  • DefCon 25 - Day One

    So today was the 101 day of DefCon 25 in Las Vegas and as a recent migrant to the City of Sin I finally had the chance to make an appearance. My friend and I got there around 0730 and already the lines were long, but surprisingly the Goons kept everything moving at a fairly swift pace. I hadn’t been following closely enough to know that the badge this year would not be an electronic puzzle as it had last year so that was a bit of a bummer for someone who was looking forward to tinkering with it. I did discover, entirely by accident, that there are several other badges available but at a reported $100 a pop it may be too rich for my blood, at least this year.

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