• Jekyll Static Site Search With lunr.js

    This is an older addition to this site, but a neat trick anyway for a static site. Today we'll implement Solr style site search with nothing more dynamic than a little client side JavaScript.
  • Better Camera Cards With HomeAssistant

    This quick update adds a lot of nice functionality to the HomeAssistant camera integration for Amcrest cameras.
  • Rescuing a Failed SSD

    My VM server is always a load of fun when it comes to things crashing unexpectedly. This time around it turns out it wasn't due to a firmware incompatibility but rather due to the SSD failing at a hardware level. So it's time for another episode in the data recovery saga.
  • Adding Isso Comments to the Blog

    So after a great deal of thought I finally decided to add commenting to my tech blog. Here's how that went...
  • Jenkins Authentication With Keycloak

    Now that we’ve figured out how to get Jenkins to talk to FreeIPA directly we can explore other authentication schemes. We are going to start with Keycloak because it provides an OpenID API which we can consume in other applications to avoid some of the complexity of talking LDAP to FreeIPA.

    Jenkins Authentication With Keycloak

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