• Adventures in DNS Resolution

    In which our hero discovers that networking protocols work better if you tell them to do the right thing.
  • Synology NFS with FreeIPA LDAP

    Finally getting around to locking down my NFS server I had to climb the mountain of getting my Synology NAS and FreeIPA talking to eachother properly.
  • Fixing NitroKey On Fedora 38

    In trying to write an entirely different post your protagonist has to first get his smartcard working again.
  • 25 Tips for Using Ansible in Large Projects

    Ansible is a powerful tool for managing your servers but it can be difficult to manage when dealing with large projects. Here are 25 tips you can follow to make your job a little easier.
  • Debugging SSSD Access in Fedora 34

    While trying to get my wife access to my laptop I ran into some interesting things with the way Fedora sets up access to FreeIPA.

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