• GNUPG Smartcard Email with Thunderbird

    Encrypted email can be tricky to set up, especially when your private key is stored on a smartcard like the Nitrokey.
    GNUPG Smartcard Email with Thunderbird
  • Building Containers in Kubernetes

    Exploring what it takes to build a container image...with a container image ...on Kubernetes.
  • Rootless Podman on Fedora

    Since containers are becoming a bigger part of my work day it's probably time for me to learn how to run them locally...
  • Fedora on the Surface Pro 7

    I recently got a Surface Pro 7 from obviously the first step was to install Linux on it!
  • Rescuing a CentOS 8 FreeIPA Cluster

    Sometimes life throws you little curveballs like filesystem corruption that only shows up at reboot. Today was one of those days...

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