• Fedora on the Surface Pro 7

    I recently got a Surface Pro 7 from obviously the first step was to install Linux on it!
  • Rescuing a CentOS 8 FreeIPA Cluster

    Sometimes life throws you little curveballs like filesystem corruption that only shows up at reboot. Today was one of those days...
  • Updating Isso Configuration

    With the most recent round of updates we need to make a small change to the Isso configuration to manage a change made in the Debian package.
  • Jekyll Static Site Search With lunr.js

    This is an older addition to this site, but a neat trick anyway for a static site. Today we'll implement Solr style site search with nothing more dynamic than a little client side JavaScript.
  • Better Camera Cards With HomeAssistant

    This quick update adds a lot of nice functionality to the HomeAssistant camera integration for Amcrest cameras.

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