As 2016 dawns I finally have my build/deploy pipeline working to a degree that I feel comfortable with. A new post to this blog is now just a git commit away and my CI server builds the site to toss into nginx.

Main point of interest is going to be what look like backdated posts, which is convenient, because they’re exactly that. They are mostly guides and posts I wrote and researched while getting this project up and properly running. I debated releasing them slowly over the next few weeks while updating the publishing dates, but decided it was better to have all the info available now with shoddy dates than no info and immaculate datekeeping. Take that as you will. Some of them still need final polish to fit the new auto-deploy tooling but they will arrive shortly and with their original conception dates.

My current new years projects are finishing up a Coursera course on MeteorJS and building an IoT style specific gravity sensor for my homebrew setup. Build logs and thoughts on both will be forthcoming over the next few weeks as parts and inspiration arrive.